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Blade Protech™ FSPro 2:

Measurements: 36"L x 1-1/2"W x 1-1/2"D

Materials: Color-thru commercial PVC

Weight: ≤ 10oz

FSPro 2

SKU: FS22019
TOP: Color
  • Protect your investment with ultimate style and durability.


    You enjoy fencing as a hobby or competitive sport. Either way, your equipment is an investment that bears the brunt of that enjoyment, and there is a lot of maintenence and TLC required to keep you ready for the strip.


    Blade Protech™ is the latest technology in blade protection that utilizes commercial grade materials that provide an outstanding blend of quality, design and style. Built to last, you will appreciate the endurance and performance of this product for many years.



    • 100% Color-thru technology (color will not chip or scratch off)
    • High-gloss scratch resistant finish
    • Commercial grade PVC 
    • Rigid, light-weight design
    • Heavy-duty, 1" ball, bungee strap


    Let Blade Protech™ keep your weapons clean and in working order.

NOW ON SALE: FSPro 1 & EAPro 1

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